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The Best Drought Tolerant Plants for Arizona

Posted on by Mike Alexander

drought tolerant plantsArizona is a place with extreme summer conditions. Not only is it hot, but the sun is at its scorching best. To add to it, the summers are dry enough to leave the land and the flora and fauna parched for water.

With that said plants and shrubs often dry out and stop growing and at times die out. With that being said, water is not the only solution to landscaping or for the plants to fight the dry heat in Arizona. One needs to plant trees to be able to survive it. The only way to do so would be to plant drought tolerant plants. Drought tolerant plants are by nature tolerant of low-water consumption and survive well in places that do not have as much water. While most plants cannot thrive without water, in comparison these do not need as much as others to survive.

Here are some of the toughest plants that can survive the extreme climate of Arizona.

9 Drought Tolerant Plants

Bougainvillea is evergreen desert woody vines that flower several times a season. One of the most popular plants in Arizona, they come in a myriad of colors: magenta, purple, pink and red. They survive in full sunshine and need relatively less water.

Oleanders are evergreen shrubs and belong to the dogbane family. They flower for half the year. In addition the plant remains strong and sturdy the rest of the year around. They look beautiful when in bloom and come in different colors like white, pink, salmon, and red. Oleanders grow very fast and can survive in tough climatic conditions.

Purple Sage:
These are evergreen desert shrubs that flower throughout the year. The most common forms of sage are the Thundercloud (silvery-green leaves, purple flowers, and a spikier appearance). Sage bushes are heat and drought tolerant as well. They smell lovely and bloom well with little water.

One of the most popular plants that is mostly used as a ground cover. They do not grow much in terms of height and bloom all through the year. They come in lovely colors: pale yellow, bright yellow, orange, and pink varieties. Lantana thrives under full sun and can tolerate extreme weather conditions.

Pampas Grass:
These are long and ornamental grasses. They are evergreen and survive different climatic conditions. When they do flower they have long thin stalks and have red blooms at the top. They do well in extreme weather conditions. Though not much of a looker, yet they are great to have in the yard.

Fairy Duster:
They are evergreen shrubs that survive even under the scorching sun. The Fairy Duster blooms are red fluffy flower balls and can fill up the shrub completely. They grow about 3-4 feet tall and need little care to thrive.

Red Bird of Paradise:
The yellowish red and orange flowers are a very popular sight in Arizona. It grows mainly in summer and is completely drought tolerant. They bloom out of long stems yet look lovely enough to splatter your garden with color.

Orange Jubilee:
The Orange Jubilee is an evergreen shrub that is drought tolerant and enjoys strong sunlight. They are also commonly referred to as the Orange Bell plants, as they look like orange bells. Orange Jubilee plants will typically get 8 feet tall or more, and several feet wide.

Yellow Bells:
They add bright yellow color to your garden even though they need little care to survive in Arizona heat. They are drought tolerant as well. They look like bells and grow into a tree. They are vibrant and can set your garden aflame with their brightness.

What other plants do you plant in your garden or backyard that can withstand the hot Arizona temperatures?

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